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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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it is a defining moment for our town but it does not define us. we are newtown a special and caring place. president obama speaks to a grieving connecticut community offering love and prayers and he tells the families of those killed in friday's school shooting that the nation stands with them. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken pritchett in tonight for ken wayne. >> i just hope that it helps you to know that you are not alone in your grief. that our world too has been torn apart. that all across this land of
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ours we have wept with you. we pulled our children tight. >> and that is president obama as he seeks to comfort the community of newtown community and the rest of america in services this evening recall the horror of the shooting and the innocence of the victims. mr.obama met with the families of the 26 killed. he called on the nation to do more to keep children safe. meantime new information is coming to light about how gunman adam lanza pulled out friday's shooting. he used his rifle to blow the door open. he then killed the principal and school counselor. >> churchgoers in newtown were traumatized once again today when someone phoned in a death threat during services.
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the saint rose of lima catholic church was evacuated then a s.w.a.t. team searched the facilities for an hour. the threat scared churchgoers who had gone to solice. >> you saw these young children who go to sandy hook school and they were here for service and they were just crying. we have team coverage tonight, we have ktvu's john sasaki in newtown. >> reporter: locals and visitors alike are paying their respects. >> we're thankful that we have our children and we're just, we wanted to come up and light a
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candle, say something nice. >> reporter: two days after this tragedy happened it seems like the emotions are flowing more freely. perhaps the shock is starting to ware off. yet people are still making the pilgramage. >> i have kids too, and it's sad. >> reporter: among the visitors we met was the county commissioner from pennsylvania. >> you can learn a lot by this tragedy. we're going the make the schools better. we're going to make the schools more safe. >> reporter: it is an overwhelming scene, especially for those with connection to the scene. this woman's son jack attends the school and they brought a jack in the box for dylan. >> i am very sad about everything, i don't understand why anyone would do this to little kids like us. >> reporter: as you watch people gather at the memorial near the school.
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i have to tell you while we had lunch our waitress came to the table fighting back tears. he said on the tv there was a story about emily parker who used to eat at that restaurant all the time with her family. at sandy hook, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. noah posey will be laid to rest tomorrow. his uncle said noah was smart as a whip. noah's twin sister and older sister were in different areas of sandy hook elementary school and survived friday's shooting. the fbi is talking to those closest to adam lanza in an effort to try to piece together what led up to the shooting. federal officials are on the ground interviewing relatives and friends of the lanza family. they are also checking dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges in connecticut.
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police want to know why lanza's mother kept such high powered rifles and what kind of experience lanza had with her guns. there was a story that someone was impersonating lanza on facebook. police are also investigating that report. lanza had been diagnosed with aspberger's syndrome. a ucla psychologist says there's no clear link between aspberger's and violent behavior. >> there will be no school in newtown and the nation will be reviewing and perhaps revamping security. ktvu's deborah villalon is live after asking officials what is next for the state's schools. >> reporter: many schools have fences but they don't necessarily keep anyone out. and they have the signs telling visitors to report to the school office to sign in, but if they don't, and they mean
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harm the question becomes, how far can they get. >> reporter: i'm confident that california schools are safe. >> reporter: california's superintendent expects new discussions about metal detectors at schools and camera systems, fences and guards. he has alerted all 1,100 school districts to review their plans. >> we can't live in fear and have every school be a closed fortress of some kind. it's a place of learning. schools around the country are trying to reassure anxious parents and in some places putting extra security in place for tomorrow. >> monday is going to be the safest day. >> this mom ice skating today with her 6-year-old daughter points out sandy hook school had a locked front door. visitors had to be buzzed in but the gunman blew himself in. >> it's not going to stop somebody, if that's their
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intention they think about it and then they do it. >> you still have to be free to roam and their children but i think adults have to be more aware. >> reporter: state legislators say schools like any civic building or public area are vulnerable because they are accessible. >> schools, theaters, any place it seems like, it's just violence in our culture and gun violence in particular. >> the teachers knew what to do. >> reporter: as important as security the superintendent says is how teachers and staff may have saved lives. >> you can put metal detectors but how much will that cost and how much will that take away. >> reporter: we can expect drills to increase and some districts around the country are even talking about arming their educators. we're live in concord, debra
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villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage of the tragedy in connecticut continues throughout this newscast. coming up a little bit later at 10:30, we will go back live to newtown to hear from authorities about the amount of ammunition that the gunman had on hand. we are on storm watch tonight as the bay area braces for another storm. taking a live look now at the golden gate bridge. we see traffic moving along at a pretty good clip. wet roads perhaps a bit of drizzle in the area and we have been tracking showers this evening. and snow in the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect it began at 6:00 p.m. and continues until midnight tomorrow night. this is caltrans shoe of kingvale. the forecast calls for 16- inches of snow at higher elevations. and the storm approaching will be a snow producer up in the sierra and rain producer here in the rain area. the bulk of it though coming in
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probably while you're sleeping. right on the map, you can see the cloud cover up there with just a mostly cloudy sky. clouds continue to thicken up. as far as rainfall not a lot of coverage in the bay area. but snow showers to the east and the activity we're tracking is up here to our north. this will be the source of more rain approaching mendocino county and that welcome the factor as we head into the night hours. santa rosa last check reporting scattered rain showers. also around napa approaching solano county. rainfall will continue, we will take a look at how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood and the timing of your storm that is will be lining up in the pacific. you can always check the weather where you live including live radar. just go to and click on the weather tab. san francisco police are trying to track down the person
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who gunned down a young man in the city's bay view district. police say the 18-year-old victim was shot at least once at about 10:00 last night on oceola lane near lasalle. a friend of the victim's drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his name has not yet been released. an investigation under way after a passer by discovered a body. at about 11:30 this morning, district police were notified of a body that had been discovered at point pinol regional. the body is that of a male but didn't release any other details. they have not said yet whether the body could be that of a 77- year-old man that went missing in island strait last week. investigators hope to have more information tomorrow. a hiker reports a sexual assault, we have details on how authorities are handling an attack on a well used east bay trail. pushing for tighter gun
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laws, a bill senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce in an effort of keeping others including children from becoming victims of a mass shooting. >> charlotte, daniel, olivia, josephine, anna, dylan, madeleine, katherine, chase, jesse, james, grace, emily, jack, noah, caroline, jessica, benjamin, allyson.
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before tonight's vigil in newtown for the school shooting victims as you see here the crowd of residence they gave first responders a standing ovation as they entered the high school auditorium. there were plenty of hugs for police, firefighters and medics who were the first on the scene and helped treat some of those
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young victims. patrols have been beefed up along a popular east bay hiking trial this after a woman reported being raped. new at 10:00 tonight, jade hernandez in alamo about the extra precautions now being taken. >> heather there are several entrances into the park from alamo. a concerned hiker read about the attack on this fire and wandered if it was true. she contacted us and we discovered regional park police are investigating. this couple was surprised to see our camera and couldn't believe the flier posted on the gate. it warned about the wednesday attack of a woman hiking alone. the woman told police she passed a man walking his dog and shortly after felt someone pull her down, he pinned her down, sexually assaulted her and then ran off. this man found the news hard to believe. >> that's a total surprise. never heard of anything like that in my life.
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>> reporter: at least not here in the los tropas regional area where the trails are widely used. >> one of the kids from san ramon heights heights grew up in this area so they know it well. >> reporter: the trail is less than 5 miles long and winds into the park. this hiker managed a quick walk before sunset, she too was unaware anything ominous happened on the trail. >> we have additional patrols going on in the park both by helicopter and by officers and volunteers on the ground. we've also notified the park rangers rangers who's staff keep track of what occurs. >> reporter: he insists hikers head out in pairs, carry a cell phone and tell someone of their route. >> i tell people to trust that
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because it's usually correct. >> reporter: this attacker is described as a white man in his early 40s with short light brown hair, clean shaven about 5'10", 210. he was also described to be walking a dog. a suspect shot by sunny vale police yesterday has died. police said they were called yesterday evening to deal with man allegedly assaulting his mother. authorities say that's when the suspect charged an officer with a hammer. the officer fired multiple shots at the suspect. he was taken to sanford medical center where he later died. the officer a four year veteran has been placed on administrative leave. rescue crews had to extricate a couple from their car following a crash. the car veered off of 880 around 1:30 a.m.
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the car crashed into dense bushes and trees along the fence line just past the alvarado niles exit. authorities have not released details on injuries. a witness on the scene said the woman was able to communicate with her rescuers. the chp says santo's vehicle was one of three that collided. the accident is under investigation but authorities now say the wet weather likely played a role in the crash. we now know the yours truly -- we know now the identity of a veteran police officer. 38-year-old john fanning of napa was thrown from his personal motorcycle. the truck driver said he saw the motorcycle approaching and tried to move out of the way. fanning has been with the chp
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for 14 years. many bay area churchgoers offered their prayers today for the young victims in connecticut. >> why the violence? people packed san francisco's black united methodist church seeking comfort and also asking for answers for such a horrific act of violence. it was a similar story in st. mary's cathedral and in congregations after the area. and in france today during mass at noter dame cathedral. the arch bishop of paris asked worshipers to pray for the victims and the families of newton. and president obama asked for changes to happen and to
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keep politics from getting on the way. >> are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> friday's tragedy has renewed calls for changing the country's gun control laws. ktvu's patti lee tells us ability a push by a california lawmaker. >> is this the way we want america to go? the rights of a few overcome the safety of the majority. i don't think so. >> reporter: today feinstein announced she would reintroduce the country's ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004. >> president obama has a perfect opportunity now in his second term to take a tough position but getting it through a republican congress, not going to happen. >> reporter: don p era ta worked with feinstein to expand california's ban on assault
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weapons in 1989 after a mass killing in a stockton schoolyard. he says despite the outrage sparked by that tragedy, california's law barely passed. >> i learned at that time that if you build a better mouse trap they'll find a better mouse. >> reporter: p era ta says treat guns like cars. require proficiency test, insurance, and a waiting period. >> once we started there, let's begin to build on it. frankly with the assault weapon ban we're going to be fighting the same old fight. >> reporter: p era ta say it is right to bear arm is too deep in the psyche, so the key is not to threaten to take away the right but to regulate in a way that already feels familiar. patti lee. >> all the families everybody this is from us. coming up in 11 minutes how the oakland raiders and their fans showed their support today
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for those in newtown. a traffic stop turns tense. what authorities found in the back of a truck that landed the driver behind bars. and apple maybes history where the iphone 5 set a new sales record and what it means means for the company's bottom line. >> the impact from the morning commute when frost returns to this part of the region. >> i don't want us to be known at newtown connecticut, the second largest shooting. i still want us to be known as the quaint new england town where the community and the families are very involved, very loving and very supportive. and i know we'll rally for that and we will bring stronger from this. but of -- obviously we will never forget. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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on any new volkswagen. visit today. knew that the health and
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safety of her children were absolutely paramount. i think that the thing we need to come away from this is the fact that she actually saved a great many lives and taken the action that is she did. she is truly a hero today. our coverage of the connecticut school shooting continues. pope benedict xvi expressed his condolences today to those who lost loved ones. >> to those affected by this tragedy, each of you i send abundant blessings. >> the pontiff said he is praying for the families of the victims, especially those who lost children. the pontiff asked worshipers to turn to faith. a second round of voting takes place next weekend.
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the election has been marred by violence including an attack on the opposition headquarters. opposition leaders said police stood by during that attack. kim jung un attended a memorial for his father. his son has spoken of economic reform but the united nations has found no improvements in his human rights record and last week jung launched a rocket in the show of the young leader's power. and there was a memorial for a london nurse. photographers they mobbed the transfer of her coffin. the nurse committed suicide after she put through a prank
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call into kate middleton's hospital room. it's been three days since the iphone has gone on sale in china. china is a significant market for apple, it accounts for 15% of the company's revenue or about $24 billion during the last fiscal year. a traffic stop in kansas city leads to the discovery of pipe bombs and fireworks right inside a truck bed. police stopped a tow truck driver on suspicion of drunk driving and after taking a closer look at the truck, they say they found homemade fireworks and pipe bombs. in order to safely detonate those devices they had to shut down a near by greyhound station. coming up a live report from newtown connecticut, plus raiders fans show team pride in support for those lost in friday's shooting.
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it is a defining moment for our town but it does not define us. we are newtown a special and caring place. a the memorial continues to grow in newtown a city leader says her connecticut town is defined by acts of courage and by continuing commitment to its children. 20 young lives were lost on friday. all of them six or 7 years old. and at a vigil tonight at newtown, president obama talked about the innocent little boys and girls taken away too soon. our coverage continues with jennifer davis. she is live with the
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president's comforting words as well as new information on what prevented everyone more deaths on friday. jennifer. >> reporter: hi there, heather. the consoler in chief as he really was this evening spoke across the street at the high school behind me. perhaps the most emotional time during his address is as he read the names of every single young child who was murdered on friday. as he did you could hear children in the audience crying and adults just sobbing. it was certainly an indicative of just how deep the grief is in this town. the president told folks here in evening the country is not doing enough to protect the country's children and he said we must do more. >> you see now more than ever we need each other for we are all in this together. >> reporter: two days after the unthinkable happened here, president obama add an interfaith vigil offers words to a grieving nation. >> i am very mindful that mere
10:32 pm
words cannot match the depths of your sorrow. nor can they heal your wounded hearts. >> reporter: the community joins in prayer and song even as they continue to mourn the death of 26 people including 20 children just six and 7 years old killed friday inside their elementary school. police say adam lanza may have hoped for a deadlier attack but was stopped short. >> approximately 20 rounds for each magazine. >> how many magazines? >> several. >> reporter: across this nit bound town, on one hillside 27 angels crafted in tribute. >> we bring to you 20 new stars in the heavens, two new saints, 20 new angels. >> their only fault was being at the wrong place at the wrong time. newtown you are not alone. already heavy hearts are
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gearing up for another difficult week. because funerals are set to begin tomorrow. one of the first will be for a little boy named noah. he was just 6 years old. he had a twin sister she was in a different classroom at the school and survived. live in connecticut, i'm jennifer davis, ktvu channel 2 news. the tragedy of the school shooting was on the mind of many today even as they took in sunday football games. stadiums across the country, the events in newtown were remembered. and as ktvu's loraine blanco reports from oakland, that was also true at the raider games. >> reporter: fans pumped up. >> kids playing football. >> last game of the year. >> surf and turf on the grill. all the expected sights of a raider tailgate. but today there's a feeling of pain. the stadium put their flags at half staff. >> it's all on our minds.
10:34 pm
we're here for the football. but we're remembering. and we're just trying to get through it and just trying to put a little tribute out to those guys. >> reporter: across the nfl and here at the stadium players stopped for a moment of silence to think about the children at sandy hook elementary. some people held up messages. >> for all the families, all the raider nation, this is from us. >> i cried all day friday, and today was get away and just try and en -- enjoy myself a little bit. >> reporter: when t.j. heard about the shooting, he just wanted to be home with his 7-year-old. >> i said where is ethena. is she at school? is she okay. it's pretty devastating and my hearts goes out to those families. >> reporter: the 49ers were in
10:35 pm
foxboro tonight, alex smith posted on his facebook account, please take a moment of silence, we will never forget this tragedy. in oakland, loraine blanco. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the connecticut school shooting. we will bring you the latest details as they emerge on air and online. fremont police tonight are looking for an at risk woman who might appear to be hiding from people. officers say that 63-year-old lillian wahne walked away from her home earlier today. she is a white, 5'3" tall, about 100 pounds, she has gray hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing black jacket and black pants as well as black shoes. snow? san francisco. the annual event that brings people out. and another round of rain heads to the bay area. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with how long this system
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will last and how it's expected to get even colder.
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we have been watching the clouds roll into the bay area all day long. everyone a few light showers and some spotty drizzle. right now the maps, basically two main areas to our east.
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we have rain showers right around the sierra. this area will be the source of the rainfall as we head into the overnight hours and already as we take a closer inspection, we get a few rain showers showing up across the region. nothing too major. the north bay all day long had a persistent midst a few light showers. as we zoom in parts of the north bay are closer to vallejo and parts of solano county. some activity to report in this area. still lots of cloud cover, that rain line will spread south over the next few hours. so for tonight mostly cloudy skies, rainfall will continue to develop. tomorrow morning rain, a sun/clouds mix into the afternoon hours. the extended very cold temperatures especially with the overnight low and more storms lining up offshore. first thing monday morning, temperatures will be in the 40s to lower 60s. santa rosa right around 46. san jose 49 with showers, scattered showers a fairly good bet. here is a system that we're
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watching to the north. it'll be the source of rainfall. with that we had the rainfall developing as we do head into the early morning hours that rain line just gradually spreads to the south. by the afternoon the chance of scattered showers, plenty of breaks in the action. as far as rainfall expectations about .2 to .5 an inch until the hills. this picture snapped earlier this afternoon at 3:30. showing you interstate 80 and a winter storm warning in place right now. in 24 hours new rainfall will be 10 to 20-inches. here's our forecast model early tonight and into tomorrow morning. the rain line that i showed you spread to the south. 5:00 steve paul -- paulson will be here tracking the rain. notice the bulk of the action as we do head into the afternoon does gradually drift to the south. by late in the afternoon into
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the the evening hours we could have some breaks in the action. but the main event will be in the next eight hours. mainly in the upper 50s. a little bit warmer on your monday compared to today. we have a lot to talk about. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle for tuesday but the main event, the biggest weather headline for tuesday, wednesday very cold temperatures with overnight lows. we could be talking about frost. rainfall redevelops by thursday. showers likely for friday with your weekend always in view. we're not going to clear things out yet. rain chances by sunday. multiple storms to track, keep the umbrella on stand by for the next week or so. some kids in san francisco today experienced about the closest thing you can in the city any way to a snow day. for the third year in a row the city and county of san francisco sponsored a holiday snow park for families. the event was free and open to
10:42 pm
the public. kids the slid down the snow hill and made snow men. >> on that hill i believe it's close to 70-tons of shaved ice. >> i love my city san francisco, so i'm so proud of it and i think it's an amazing thing to offer free the jump houses and they got to dig in the snow. >> nut crackers and toy soldiers were at the park greeting children. this was the final day of this weekend's snow park. but officials hope to bring back again the event next year. a wild one in new england as kapernick and company try to go against brady and the patriots. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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